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Come the Eventide by Chris Riker

Imagine the earth in shattered remains of what it is now. Creatures are in a deficit. Humans are fighting for insignificant materials as they neglect what truly matters while their environment falls apart around them. Just when you think it’s the end, hope is found in the strangest of places. A seven-armed Octopod named Septielle sees the world differently than her sea creature counterparts, the way it once was and the way it should be. She has a vision of the earth restored to its former glory but dies before she can see it come to fruition. After her passing, a dolphin named Muriel takes on this mission and enlists a human named Anadare to work alongside her. They strive to fight and speak out against those that are destroying the earth and go to war against pirates who are out to kill the earth and all of those that stand in their way. But will the pirates, tourists, leaders, or even the people on the right or left, be able to put aside their differences to send Muriel on the greatest journey they could ever imagine?


Book Review: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson’s first book of the Wingfeather Saga series.

“Lad, it’s one thing to be poor in pocket. Nothing wrong with that. But poor in heart, that’s no good.”

— Podo Helmer.

Singer/Songwriter Andrew Peterson’s first novel is a riveting, adorable fantasy story that takes you from the humble town of Glipwood on an adventurous journey to save the jewels of Anniera from the Fangs of Dang.

Janner, Tink, and Leeli are 3 young children who live with their beloved mother Nia and their Grandfather Podo. Their father, Esben, died in the Great War many years ago. The family lives in the town of Glipwood in the Land of Skree that has been run by the Fangs of Dang, horrible creatures created by their leader, Gnag, by melding humans and animals.