There’s nothing quite like curling up with a little one and a good book that you both enjoy. With the vast array of books out there, much like tv shows, it’s hard to know what is a good book for children and what isn’t. You want one that is enjoyable to them, pleasant in its content, and teaches good values. That is why I have taken these past few years searching for the best books out there for children. I have not been disappointed at the great selection we have. Sadly, not many parents know about these wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations. Below I have listed a few of our favorites around here. Here are 8 wonderful children’s books that will not go amiss in a child’s library!

1.) James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

James Wright was an English country veterinarian and author in the early 1900’s. He traveled around Yorkshire and wrote many books about animals, their owners, and him experience as a vet. With beautiful illustrations on every page and wonderful stories, this book brings the charm and beauty of the England countryside right to your home.

2.) A Treasury of Children’s Literature

I am a firm believer that there is a reason we have classics. They never die! These stories still have the ability to capture a child’s imagination and this book does nothing less than that. It has the feel and hardiness of a book that can last and with wonderful illustrations to match.

3.) Where the Wild Things Are

At first, I found this book a tad strange. Thankfully, a lot of children love the strange and mystical. It doesn’t have a long and detailed narrative, but the imaginative and poetic way in which it tells a story shines through. The illustrations are different and interesting. Children love it and it certainly has a classic feel to it!

4,) Blueberries for Sal

This story is adorable to say the least. It’s about a little boy and a little bear that get a mixed up while picking berries on a mountaintop. It’s an old story and has not failed to bring a pleasant feel to our imagination every time we open it’s pages!

5.) The Children’s Book of Virtues

One of the best ways to teach a child good morals and values is through wonderful stories. That is science, in fact! This book is chalk full of those very stories. Some of them may be a little too intense for the very sensitive little ones, but replace a few lines here and there and they will still get something out of the story. There are plenty of stories in this book for any teaching moment you need and for any age.

6.) The Children’s Book of Heroes

This book is full of heroic stories just like the Book of Virtues. This selection helps your child see what true heroes are made of and what we have seen in the past of those that have gone before us to fight for good. Every child needs a hero to look up to and see who we can be when we make up our minds to do good! These stories deserve a spot on a little ones shelf!

7.) The Real Mother Goose

These rhymes have stood the test of time in Kindergarten and there’s no surprise why. These rhymes are catchy, fun, and bring pleasant pictures to a growing child’s mind. They can be silly sometimes and bring lots of laughter to the home. There are also fun pictures to go with it!

8.) A Child’s Garden of Verses

These verses are great rhymes that are not as common today for children to hear, but they are just as important and good for them to learn! They are a great way to teach children rhymes, good values, and even manners! A Garden of Verses used to be a much more central part of childhood and they should still be. A book like this will bring a lot of joy and fun into learning!

Whatever books you may choose, these books are true classics that have been enjoyed for many years. The real goal is to bring imagination, beauty, and unforgettable stories to their growing minds and these books do that well.

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