While schools are closing their doors and businesses are taking measures to reduce the amount of contact with the public, many are wondering what in the world to do with their newfound free time. Before you grab the remote, perhaps take this opportunity to complete some reading goals! Do you have a list of books you’ve just wanted to read but haven’t had the time? Now is the time! Check out this list and see if there are any here that spark your interest! Add them on and happy reading!

The Wright Brothers by McCullough – You probably learned about them in your history class way back in High School, but have you actually read their story? It’s filled with many more fascinating adventures than what you can get out of a history book. This book follows their life that led them to engineering planes, all the way to the very field they tested them out on. Grab the book and read on!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – If you haven’t read my review of this book, read it here. It’s a different kind of love story that follows 2 characters in a circus that are in the midst of a lifelong battle in magic. It certainly has its quirks, but it is worth the read nonetheless. It is an enjoyable eccentric story if you like the romantic, neat, and strange!

The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K Chesterton – G.K Chesterton is a classic British author. This book is a metaphysical thriller full of mystery and clever, whimsical plot turns. It’s a story about seven anarchists who happen to call themselves the days of the week. G.K Chesterton reveals this meaning and its clever allegory throughout the story with a humorous, insightful twist. This book was ahead of its time.

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson – The Wingfeather Saga is a whimsical, adventurous, fantasy story about 3 young kids named Janner, Tink, and Leeli. The 4-book series follows them and their family as they travel and resist the Fangs of Dang while trying to save themselves and their home from the evil creatures that threaten them. This story will be the adventure you crave as you’re sitting at home with nothing else to do! Read my reviews of these wonderful books here.

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin – If you’re looking for a romance story to cozy up to, this book may be a better fit for you. When 2 strangers get stranded on a mountain in Utah in the dead of winter, they are forced to work together to survive while also slowly forging a connection. But beware, the ending is not at all what you may think it to be!

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum – Have you read a classic lately? Try this on for size! Many have watched the movie, but there aren’t many who can say they have read the book. The book has so much more to offer than the movie in terms of details and deeper meaning. The book shows a bit more of a sinister and darker side to the classic movie. If you’re looking for a good classic read that isn’t too difficult, pick this one up!

The Mirror or the Mask by Lydia Mcgrew – For those that want something with a little more meat, this book is a great read. Lydia Mcgrew is a Christian philosopher and apologist. She has done some great work in the field of literary apologetics. This book answers many false claims about the Gospels and the use of literary devices throughout. It’s an interesting read for the Christians who are interested in learning more about the Gospel writers and the evidence we have that shows they are true and reliable stories. You can find out more in my review here.

Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer – Jeffrey Archer is a British historical fiction novelist and one of my favorites at that! He writes fantastic historical fiction novels with characters who are hard to forget and story lines even more unforgettable. This book is a first installment to his new series about a detective named William Warwick. This book, Jeffrey says, is not a detective story but a story about a detective. You will not regret this book!

This list is certainly not the only recommendations I have. I will publish more recommendations as the social isolation continues. Take heart, as books provide much more than entertainment. They are a source of adventure away from home! Also, you will find more book recommendations under my Book Reviews tab on my blog. Happy reading!

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