If you’re one of thousands of busy, working, tired humans then it’s no surprise you probably feel like you have no time to read. Thankfully, there is a way! There are handy tricks you can integrate into your world to find more time to read and feel normal again. To sit back and kick your feet up with a book is probably not something you ever thought you could do (and you probably won’t until you retire) but reading is definitely something you can put on your “new you, new year” list.

1.) Get an E-book Reader:

If you have no budget, skip this one. But hear me out here. There are cheap e-book readers that are great to read on (no headaches here) and it gives you the flexibility to pull it out on a whim and read. You even have the choice of whatever book you feel like because you can hold hundreds at a time! It’s easier than a book in that they are much smaller and much more portable. In fact, the new Kindle Paperwhite is slim enough to fit into your coat pocket. Win!

2.) Download a Reading App:

If you do not want to shell out the money for an e-book reader you can still get the ease and portability of reading right here on your phone! They are plenty of reading apps out there, including Kindle. Just hit the button and voila, the world is your oyster. Thanks, technology!

3.) Just Listen!

Audiobooks are perfect for those that do not have the time to sit and stare at a page/screen. Got a long drive? Hit play! Cooking dinner and got a “hot” second? Pull it up and listen! Bluetooth earbuds can also make this easier as you can freely move without the annoyance of wires.

4.) Subscription Services:

Audiobooks are their own kind of expensive. Thankfully, there are subscription services to get these books for free. Audible is fairly popular on Amazon. There is also a cheaper service called Scribd where you can get audiobooks, e-books, and other great reading material for a measly 7.99 a month!

5.) Old School It

If you go to the gym or spend a few hours a week doing something extracurricular, take the time to go to the library. Libraries are wondrous places full of quiet and books. And they are free! What’s not to love?

6.) Make the Time

I have to add this because, really, you have to ask yourself how much time do you actually not have? Are there things you do that you can give up for a day or so to sit and read? Instead of scrolling, open up your app. Instead of watching that show, pull out your book. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Happy (Reading) New Year!

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