We are earthly creators for the heavenly realm. We are inventors and innovators in this world for the world beyond.

Imagine, if you will, what it was like when you were young and had that visionary sparkle in your eye. Maybe you spent your time with your eyes towards the sky and imagined the stars falling, befriending you, and running amongst the dark green fields coming to play. Maybe you imagined dragons and hairless wart hogs to ride on into the morning sun to fight your enemies. Perhaps as a child you played in the sprinklers and you imagined the water drops become icy droplets of snow in the heat of summer.

Imagination in a young developing mind is something to be harnessed and protected. Sadly, it so often isn’t.

To imagine and create is a blessed thing indeed, especially later in life.

To imagine is to hold within us a portal of beauty and jubilation. To build castles to carry in us the roads that can take us anywhere, at any time, and to pave the way for others to join us. In it is the innovative ways to live, grow, learn, and guide. But what do we do with that portal?  We, the imagineers, desire to give others the gift, the key, freely and joyfully, don’t we?

In a society that holds more highly doctorates degrees than wit and creativity and practicality more than innovative thinking, sometimes that portal looks more like a circus tent to others than a door adorned in vivid and vibrant colored flowers and golden vines. It’s hard not to fall in line with rest of them as others break themselves apart to fit the mold that says, “Color in the lines” and all the while your heart and soul say, “Draw a new line.”

What does God have for imagineers? What can God do with those that are made to create, to color, to imagine? Can God do anything with us? Is imagination solely for the young at heart?

If God is a creator Himself, surely we can believe that He has something in store for those that desire to create. He knows what it is to imagine. God imagines. God sees and He creates so others can see too and through that vision and through that creation He has created the greatest art there ever was.

God desires for everyone to see life through his great lens and perhaps His will is for us to create that vehicle, that form, for the lens so that people can see through it as well.

Perhaps our poetry is meant to make another heart dance to the choir of angels. Perhaps the wordsmith is meant to shine the light of salvation into another one’s soul. Perhaps the painter is meant to give a glimpse of the brilliance and hope of heaven that we so yearn for.

Maybe our art, our music, our poetry, our imagination realized here on earth is called to give just a small bit of relief to the painful ache of another world we so long and yearn for.

Because isn’t that what we do? Isn’t that what we are?

We are earthly creators for the heavenly realm. We are inventors and innovators in this world for the world beyond.

As long as we point our creation to the ultimate Creator, we can know and be assured that He will use it for His glory.

Because imagination is the beginning of creation and through creation God can be praised, both here on this world and any other little worlds we create.

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