Your eyes can see it sitting there just for you but if only God would just move!

The current of the morning rush was as strong as ever. Both boys screaming at my feet, the husband busy trying to get ready for work and I could already feel my impatience growing. Toys are flying and the dishes scatter as I attempt to fix a quick breakfast of eggs and toast.

Then, without a second thought, or so it seems, my 3 year old grabs an uncooked egg out of the egg carton. I look over and impatiently and quickly pry it from his fingers.

“Please don’t grab the eggs, Triskal. I’m trying to cook.”

He scrunches his face up, looks at the egg in dismay, and raises his voice.

“But I want a hardboiled egg!” His whiny voice reaching an octave higher as I sigh.

“Those aren’t hardboiled eggs. They are raw eggs. Hard boiled eggs are cooked in the pot.”

I assume that answer will suffice and I continue cooking the eggs as I can hear in his voice the very edge of a tantrum.

“But I want a hardboiled egg! I want those hard-boiled eggs! They are right there!”

I stop what I’m doing to look down, completely confused as to why he is insisting on something that is not actually what he wants and what he actually wants is so obviously going to take a while.

“Those aren’t hardboiled eggs. If I make a hardboiled egg it will take a little while for them to cook them in the pot. I can make you one, but you will have to wait for it.”

Now, picture if you will, that very dialogue happening between you and God. You clearly want something. It is just within reach. You’re shouting and pulling on God’s robe telling him why you should have this and it’s right there, obviously. Your eyes can see it sitting there just for you but if only God would just move!

The very urge to make it happen starts to build up in your stomach as you tap your feet in restless waiting. Your mind becomes the great flood with ideas and pictures of the very thing you want and how to obtain it. You strategize every avenue of how to obtain the thing you want and all of a sudden… it clicks. Why, I can make this happen myself!

I walk away for a quick minute, leaving Triskal forlorn, while cleaning up the counters. Then I hear a crack and splat all at once. My stomach drops as I connect the sound to the earlier discourse. I look over and see Triskal and my fear actualized laying in yellow, clear, eggshell riddled goop at his feet. I let out an exasperated groan.

“Triskal, do you see now?” I keep an even tone as I display to him the lack of hard and boiled inside the egg.

I could see the realization written on his face as he soon found what happens when he tries to grab something, like a potential hard-boiled egg, too early.

He never did try to grab the raw egg again.

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